We have more than 25 years specialized on implants. That is why we know we are the best solution for your problems.

US Specialized

Dr. Navarro is an Oral Implantology specialist trained at University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital division of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and Dental Implants. 

COVID-19 Safe

Every single area is desinfected for your health before each patient. Clinic’s personal uses face mask during all your visit.

Top Materials

Implant Dentistry works with top leading Implant’s Brands and technologies in the market.

Some of Our Procedures

We care about our patients. That is why we use top leading materials and stay current. To give our patients the best treatment available around the world.



Treatment for edentulous patients or soon to be edentulous patients that consists in placing 4 implants in the arch of need. Following the full mouth reconstruction with permanent dentures over implants.


Fixed Implant Bridges

Surgically placed implants on a posterior edentulous area where there is one, two or more teeth missing. 


Maxillary Sinus Lift

An important procedure for the placement of implants in the posterior maxilla and other surgical matters. It is important to clarify that not every patient needs this surgery. 


Implants In The Aesthetic Zone

Surgically placed implants on an anterior edentulous area. Usually on of the upper or lower front teeth missing. 


Wisdom Teeth/Impacted Teeth

Surgically removed or extractions of the wisdom teeth as well as impacted teeth on the maxila or mandible.


Implant Overdenture

Preventing the fear of removable dentures falling out. Fixed overdentures are a great solution for edentulous or parcial edentulous patients by placing two or more implants and a fixed denture with a “snap on” connection. 

Expert Doctors.
Professional Care.

Implant Dentistry is well known because of the high quality doctors we have. Using top leading materials combined with the experience of our personal, makes possible to give you the best solution in the market. 

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