Dr. Gustavo



Dr. Gutierrez´s Experience

Dr. Gustavo Gutierrez obtained his DDS from Latin American Science and Technology University (ULACIT, Costa Rica). Form the early stages of his career, he developed an interest in surgical areas of dentistry. After graduated he worked as an assistant in private practice limited to dental implants. Posteriorly, he worked at the Oral and Maxilofacial Department at the Calderon Guardia Hospital for 5 years, where he gained a lot of experience and learned from prestigious specialists. At this point in his career, he was accepted at the El Bosque University (Bogota Colombia) where he became specialist in periodontics. Now days, being a member of Costa Rica’s Periodontics Society, he practices exclusively periodontics and teaches at the University of Costa Rica. Dr. Gutierrez enjoys and has a passion for oral surgery and dental implants. He stays up to date with the latest techniques and available technology. This makes him very meticulous and caring professional.